Ulysses writing app – sort notes by date

I’ve been using the great Ulysses writing app on my Mac. It’s a lot like Evernote, but strictly for writing– you won’t be posting other media there, since everything in Ulysses is written in Markdown. Ulysses is pretty minimalist, which I like. And it’s very smooth– I can type as fast as I want and there’s never any pauses, freezing up, or the dreaded pizza of death. These are frequent occurrences in Evernote.

Ulysses looks a lot like Evernote too– no manually managing files, you just create a new one with Command-N (-N) and away you go writing. But out of the box the app doesn’t show creation date or modification date on your notes. This is a problem if you use it for journaling like I do. But you can get the app to display dates, here’s how:

In order to view the creation date or modification date of a sheet on Mac:

  1. Go to the menu “View” › “Sheet Preview” and check “Dates”.
  2. Now, sort your group “By Creation Date” or “By Modification Date” and the date will be visible in the sheet list.

That hint comes from Alexander Roth, Head of Customer Support for Ulysses, via a support email request.