I’m Hiring

I’m hiring for two software developer positions:

We’re a fast-growing, fun, high-performance team working on some interesting large-scale machine learning applications. We use Scrum and Extreme Programming methodologies, Linux and Open Source software (and we contribute back also), and know that it’s creativity that matters, not the number of lines of code, so we take a humanistic, positive psychology-based approach to work. If you’re interested in breaking the bounds of what’s possible in terms of creativity and personal growth, we want to know you!

Both these positions report to me. You’d be joining a team of 5 other developers, and an engineering organization of about 15 total. If you like what you see on these pages, or over on Live In Greatness, I would love to hear from you. We also have more positions open: MetaBrite Careers page, or if you don’t see one that fits, but you’re still interested, get in touch anyway! You can email me at adam@metabrite.com, or use my personal email found on the About page.

These jobs are located in downtown Seattle. Here’s the MetaBrite website.