Grief Resources

Here are some resources that helped me in working with grief. I wanted to find a page like this when I started out on that journey. I hope it will be helpful to someone.

  • Grief 101 – Some Common Facts and Characteristics of Grief – really good article that has a lot of information about grief and what to expect.
  • Stages of Grief (or on Wikipedia)
    You might go through some of these stages, maybe in different order, or in cycles – it’s not a linear progression.

    1. Denial – clinging to a false, preferable reality
    2. Anger – frustration, especially toward proximate individuals
    3. Bargaining – trying to avoid the cause of grief
    4. Depression – despair, being mournful
    5. Acceptance – embracing the inevitable, stable emotions

Our society doesn’t make much space for grief. Grief is a natural part of life and takes time to heal from. You can take the time even if people around you may not relate. It’s ok to take care of yourself.

“Wanting things to be otherwise is the very essence of suffering.” – Stephen Levine